Aitor holds an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). He has over 10 years of recent experience as an aviation consultant, including 9 years as a lecturer in aeronautics at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

He has relevant experience in the aeronautical industry spanning the entire value chain of the sector, from manufacturing to distribution of products and services related to aircraft maintenance. In addition to strategy and consultancy projects, Aitor has worked in the rotorcraft maintenance division of Airbus (formerly Eurocopter) as well as in Canadian company DART Aerospace, one of the main suppliers of spare parts outside OEMs, where he developed its commercial department for the whole of Europe in collaboration with the maintenance center Part 145 Heliswiss Ibérica.

Aitor also has extensive experience in the planning, construction, certification and management of aeronautical infrastructure, specifically in the construction and processing of airports, aerodromes and heliports of highly diverse characteristics.

He is experienced in the preparation of masterplans and strategic development plans in the aeronautical sector at regional, national and international level, in technological-industrial, strategic and business areas, and has worked on multiple aeronautical projects.

Aitor has had notable success over the last few years working in the field of unmanned vehicles (UAV/RPAS/drones), both in the analysis of markets and future applications, as well as in trends development at national and international level, including national, European and international normative analysis. This research has been supplemented by recent collaborations in the field of unmanned vehicles, such as fire extinguishing services, power line inspection, advanced topography and even teaching in the training of RPAS pilots.

His current role as an aeronautical consultant brings him into direct contact with the aeronautics industry and the air transport sector in projects around the world, enabling him to constantly update his knowledge through direct experiences with the sector both in operations, such as manufacturing (of aircraft, components, etc.), and regulation (aeronautical certification, administrative authorisations, drafting of regulations), as well as involvement in the sector’s continuous development.

With all this accumulated experience and knowhow Aitor has a global vision of the industrial aeronautical sector from the different perspectives of the end user, the operator/entrepreneur, and the government authority responsible for supervising, regulating and encouraging its development.