Strategic Plan for Aviation in Catalonia 2030 (2017-2019)

Under a temporary joint venture business association with UK consultancy Aviation Economics-RDC Aviation.

Pasiphae and Aviation Economics were awarded a two-year public contract working for Aeroports de Catalunya (part of the Catalonian regional government) to analyse the challenges for the future sustainability of aviation in Catalonia. The work commissioned under the contract encompassed the full scope of the aviation sphere in Catalonia with a strong focus on commercial traffic to/from Catalonia.

The project included a commercial traffic review of Barcelona Airport (+50m pax) as well as Gerona (2m pax) & Reus (1m pax) airports, traffic forecasts, bottlenecks, management and environmental improvements, airport system evaluation.

The strategic plan also involved a complete inventory of infrastructures and aircrafts and proposals for improvements in the general aviation sector and in the aerospace industry (manufacturing, R&D, tech centres, start-ups, etc.).

Aviation 2030 Catalonia Strategic Plan


  • Commercial traffic review in +50m pax airport
  • Traffic forecast (individual/airport system)
  • Identification of bottlenecks in operations/infrastructures
  • Management improvement
  • Airport system evaluation
  • General aviation infrastructure analysis
  • Aerospace industry & innovation ecosystem study